Canada Police Preparation

Terms of use

Dear Police Constable Recruit,

Canada Police Preparation holds a zero tolerance cheating policy.

This includes the sharing or requesting of any known, active interview or test questions by you in order to gain any unfair competitive advantage.

By purchasing and enrolling in any of our programs, you acknowledge and understand that all material provided by Canada Police Preparation is not from any active police service recruitment processes.

Any information provided to Canada Police Preparation by you for the purpose of developing your competitiveness is assumed to not be directly from any active police recruitment process or confidential source.

Being aware of an individual(s) who is cheating or someone who has helped others create an unfair competitive advantage in a police constable recruitment process makes you equally responsible if not reported. Such behaviour is damaging to the integrity of the police constable recruitment process.

You acknowledge that sharing active interview questions during the recruitment process to assist others will result in ALL Canada Police Preparation services ceasing without refund.

The Police Constable/Special Constable/Cadet/Auxiliary and other peace officer positions require an applicant to be of good moral character and habits. This includes being an individual other people would look upon as being trustworthy and having integrity. 

Canada Police Preparation